Today, LifeScan announced that the OneTouch Verio Sync is now available in the US - visit the product's webpage to see a compelling one-minute video outlining the meter's usability and convenience. We especially liked the marketing tagline: "Now you can check your blood sugar results as easily as you check everything else - on your iPhone." A "limited time offer" is prominently featured in the OneTouch online store, which offers the meter for just $19.99 (!), 30% off the full price of $29.99. According to the OneTouch store, the meter is currently in stock and ships within one business day. As a reminder, the OneTouch Verio Sync allows blood glucose values to be wirelessly sent to the OneTouch Reveal app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (via Bluetooth). The standalone meter itself contains just one button to turn the device on and off, a black/white screen, and a rechargeable battery - its simplicity certainly plays into the low price for the meter. The device received FDA clearance in February of 2013, marking nearly a full year between approval and launch. For more on the meter, see our report on the approval and our coverage in the ADA and AADE exhibit halls. It's terrific to see the product launching - more innovation - which should give J&J/LifeScan a boost following a challenging 3Q13 in the US (sales down 28%). While competitive bidding pushes the field to great commoditization, it's very good to see companies like J&J and Abbott (with Flash Glucose Monitoring) continuing to innovate.